PrixCar required an internal knowledge base to support employees in communicating and rapidly finding the information they need.

admin October 1st, 2015

PrixCar Services (PrixCar) meets the varying and unique requirements of motor vehicle importers in Australia. In recent years, PrixCar has experienced momentous change. The amalgamation of Toll PDI investments and K-Line Auto Logistics highlighted a need to adjust their information processing procedures. While enjoying this apparent growth, employees within PrixCar were being hampered by communication constraints. Mainly – the lack of a centralised information sharing and administration space.

It was evident that the PrixCar solution needed to provide their team of over 350 employees with access to the information they require when they need it, regardless of where they are and what device they used. PrixCar needed a solution that provided a “single source of truth”, unifying their geographically spread workforce and simplifying how they collaborate on documents (i.e. retire network drives).

PrixCar engaged FiveP to deliver their “Collaborate pack”, built on the ‘SharePoint Online: Office365 Platform’ to develop a scalable environment that would meet the evolving needs of their business. The FiveP “Collaborate pack”, which includes change management and post implementation support, enabled PrixCar to rapidly deliver a solution that immediately increased productivity and transformed collaboration into a strength for PrixCar. Employees are now connecting, sharing and collaborating online and receiving vital communications through a single source of truth.

This project was the first cloud initiative for PrixCar and, with the solution now live, has laid the foundation for other cloud-based services built on the O365 platform. PrixCar now has the internal communications infrastructure to support their mission to maintain the status of being the leading Vehicle Storage & Processing Company in Australia.

“We were finding that our previous system for storing policies and procedures was having a significant effect on our ability to collaborate across the business. FiveP was engaged to deliver their Collaborate package, built on the SharePoint Online Office 365 Platform.

The project has been a success; the new intranet is widely regarded as the ‘source of truth’ for all employees. FiveP’s solution created a system that quickly searched and found relevant information from possibly thousands of documents. The solution’s ability to be accessed anywhere kept our geographically spread team up-to-date and easily able to communicate on the go, ultimately leading the team to make better, more informed decisions and serve our clients better.

Patrick Kashani – National IT Manager – Prixcar

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