Find out new ways to communicate with your team

admin October 17th, 2017

Find out new ways to communicate with your team

If you are the founder of a business or have been directly involved in the initial evolution of a business concept, it’s an exciting yet daunting experience as you try to bring your initial ideas and thinking into a commercial reality. There is only so much you can achieve as a one-man band and there quickly comes a time where you need additional resources, thinking and experience to reach the next level.

The companies that end up succeeding in transitioning from a start-up concept to a living and breathing commercial entity are those who can establish the right infrastructure, a thriving culture and a clear strategy to achieve their business goals. There is certainly a large element of luck involved in establishing a successful business entity. You do need to be in the right place at the right time. Although it’s also about sticking to disciplined business principles.

The most commonly overlooked aspect of business management is focusing on attracting, retaining and developing the required talent and capability to achieve your business goals. When considering an effective talent management strategy for your business, a critical component of your approach should be determining the most effective and sustainable communication channels and platforms to collaborate with your growing workforce. Internal communication is proven to be a required ingredient to creating an employer of choice with strong employee engagement.

According to Fast Company, “Effective communication between a company and its employees enables businesses to fully tap into the unique knowledge, insights, and talents of its people. Often, the benefits stretch beyond pure profit. More open discussions help build a strong community within a firm, allowing workers to feel confident and happy, and to outperform expectations at their roles”.

Fast Company recommend several ways to increase the effectiveness of internal communication between your team. These are summarised as follows:

  1. Enable company-wide conversations
  2. Improve both horizontal (peer to peer) and vertical (employer to manager) communications
  3. Plan and budget for your internal communications requirements
  4. Measure the impact and effectiveness of your internal communications activities
  5. Leverage leadership to create meaningful change

Fast Company go on to say that “when businesses build or license platforms to support company-wide conversations, employees inherently become better at their jobs. Upon improving horizontal and vertical communications, firms may receive more feedback from employees and will be tasked to execute new ideas. Soon enough, the results, including improved worker performance, engagement and retention, will speak for themselves. But to ensure change takes place, management needs to participate and inspire the whole staff to do the same”.

Whilst this may all seem logical and reasonable the next obvious question is which communication platform would best suit the needs of your growing business. It’s a crowded market out there for emerging solutions in this space. Therefore, FiveP has highlighted some recommended communication platforms for your consideration as follows:

Power BI

According to Microsoft, “Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that deliver insights throughout your organization. Connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data prep, and drive ad hoc analysis. Produce beautiful reports, then publish them for your organization to consume on the web and across mobile devices. Everyone can create personalized dashboards with a unique, 360-degree view of their business. And scale across the enterprise, with governance and security built-in”.

Dynamics 365

According to Microsoft, “capture new opportunities across your organization when you bring people, data, and processes together with Microsoft Dynamics 365—intelligent business applications that help you manage and run your entire business while better engaging customers”.


Yammer is a freemium enterprise social networking service used for private communication within organizations. Access to a Yammer network is determined by a user’s Internet domain so that only individuals with approved email addresses may join their respective networks.

Freemium is a pricing strategy by which a product or service (typically a digital offering or application such as software, media, games or web services) is provided free of charge, but money (premium) is charged for proprietary features, functionality, or virtual goods.


SharePoint is a web-based, collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office. Launched in 2001, SharePoint is primarily sold as a document management and storage system, but the product is highly configurable and usage varies substantially between organizations.


According to Microsoft, “PowerApps is a service for building and using custom business apps that connect to your data and work across the web and mobile – without the time and expense of custom software development. In PowerApps, you can manage organizational data by running an app that you created or that someone else created and shared with you. Apps run on mobile devices such as phones, or you can run them in a browser by opening Dynamics 365. You can create an infinite variety of apps – all without learning a programming language such as C#”.

Confused? Don’t stress. The experienced team at FiveP live and breathe these solutions daily. If you would be interested to discuss how you can establish an innovative internal communications strategy underpinned by the required delivery platforms, please be in touch.



Alex Pizarro | GM Sales & Marketing | FiveP

About the author: Another of the business’ founders and a current board member, Alex Pizarro takes on the role of FiveP’s General Manager – Sales and Marketing. Alex is a passionate supporter of FiveP’s belief that every business should be able to harness the power of enterprise grade technology.

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