FiveP Turns Four – No More Secrets: Lights Are On For Everyone!

admin February 21st, 2017

FiveP Turns Four!

So, it is that time of year again: January started with me getting tapped on the shoulder by our Marketing team to write some scintillating prose about what the year has meant to FiveP and my thoughts on where the organisation is going for the upcoming year. January is when FiveP started, all the way back in 2013.

Three guys sitting in front of a fountain at the SharePoint conference in Las Vegas, who were fed up with the “old school” ways of delivering Information Management solutions.

I can wax lyrical about all that we have achieved, how much the company has grown and the exciting things that we have planned for this year. But really is that of any interest to anyone? I hope so, but maybe that is just my ego.

When I was at WPC this year, one of our partners introduced me as the Managing Director of FiveP “the best kept secret in Melbourne!”.

That hit me straight between the eyes. Why are we a secret?, What is our secret? And do we want to stay a secret?

Well what I want to no longer remain a secret is what drives FiveP, and how we have been able to grow so quickly. So here is the secret. The core of what has made FiveP great, and how we have got to where we are today is our people. Without exception, everyone that is part of the FiveP team is driven to deliver solutions, that help our clients “get things done”.

Over the Christmas break this year I was standing in line at our local Post Office, observing the young lady that was supporting her family during the school holidays. She was so passionate about ensuring that everyone served got the best possible service. I was filled with an immense pride, that I knew within a couple of months a FiveP information management solution was going to be at her fingertips. Serving up information to help drive the customer experience for her family’s business.

That is the literal embodiment of “Enterprise grade technology for everyone”. That is exactly what FiveP is all about. This is what drives the FiveP team to go the extra mile. This is why people want to work at FiveP. The opportunity to deliver outcomes to our clients, that “make it easier to get things done”.

There is a huge volume of change coming this year, especially in relation to the tools that organisations can tap into to overcome their Information Management challenges.

FiveP will continue to support our team to challenge our clients, we will continue to say things like “sure you can do that… but have you considered the following”. We will provide the people who work at FiveP with all of the tools they need to support our vision, the freedom to innovate and influence, to challenge the norm.

Our passion for genuine collaboration and effective teamwork permeates through our curiosity and dedication to unlocking the uniqueness, knowledge and experience which drive our clients’ raison d’etre. We are genuinely enthusiastic about navigating the ever-changing information management landscape with entrepreneurs and established business leaders and being part of their growth journey for years to come.



David Dennis | Managing Director | FiveP

About the author: As one of FiveP’s founders, David is a driving force behind the business’ core belief that any business of any size should have access to enterprise grade technology.

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