A SharePoint Solution, Fit for Every Problem.

Whether you need rescue from an information meltdown or are looking to take your business to the next level with a new platform, FiveP have a SharePoint solution fit for you.

FiveP has worked with hundreds of different types of businesses helping them tackle a wide range of problems. We help HR staff who are suffering from the pitfalls of non-compliance and non-version control, or OHS departments who are dealing with issues arising from poor document management.

We often work with marketing managers who don’t have the platform they need to effectively deliver consistent information across websites, intranets, newsletters and other internal and external comms.

We also regularly work with business owners, executives and newly appointed CEOs to implement SharePoint solutions that deliver immediate improvements, on time and under budget.

Perhaps you have an existing platform that is too expensive or too unreliable when it comes to support and you are looking to consolidate. Maybe you are a general manager having trouble defining the necessary steps required to deliver an outcome without the pressure of using internal resources that may not be able to deliver.

Finally, we often work closely with IT departments who are tasked with SharePoint projects and are looking for some specific expertise.

No matter who you are or what you do, FiveP can sit down with you to discuss your situation and help you find an outcome that works.

If any of the following sounds familiar then you could well be a good candidate for an effective SharePoint solution.

  • Issues with version control
  • Multiple locations of information
  • Out of date information
  • Information security issues

To understand if your business is ready for a SharePoint solution please contact us.