A Tailored SharePoint Service, Unique to the Needs of Your Business.

FiveP takes a carefully plotted approach to the way we work with our clients. At the heart of it all is a will to level the playing field by bringing enterprise-grade technology to everyone.

Our SharePoint methodology focuses on the most important thing in your business, your people. In order for your investment to achieve lasting success, it is essential to concentrate on your employees’ ability to work effectively and efficiently in the new environment.

Each SharePoint solution is divided into four carefully planned phases. This minimises the impact of change and fast tracks your transition towards a robust Information Management platform


This prepares your organisation for the change that will be coming. We ensure that you know what is to come so that you and your employees are fully aware of the plan and aligned to the project objectives and approach.


In this stage FiveP builds and deploys all technical components of the SharePoint solution. At this point, the solution is ready for users to start providing feedback.

Review and Refine.

It is in this third stage that FiveP takes feedback from users. We make any required adjustments to the solution so that it integrates seamlessly with the organisation. FiveP works to personalise the base components delivered during the Build. During this phase, you will start to see the true power and value of the SharePoint Platform.


The deploy phase is about transitioning to an operational state and ensuring that your intended audience has the skills and training required to get the most out of the solution. Here you will learn how the benefits of your SharePoint solution is dependent on the uptake and adoption of the new capabilities it offers. Familiarity with a platform and ease of use are critical to achieving a successful implementation of our SharePoint Solution. During the deploy stage, FiveP works on SharePoint training and the ongoing transition of your organisation users so that they are able to work effectively and efficiently in the new environment.