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How We Work

FiveP take a carefully planned approach to the way we work with your business. We concentrate on your team’s ability to work effectively and efficiently in the new environment. Each Cloud solution is divided into four carefully planned stages to minimise disruption and fast track your transition towards a robust Information Management platform.


This prepares your organisation for change. We ensure you and your employees are fully aware of the plan and aligned with the project objectives and approach.


We build using Cloud components and tools that we know work. Your team will then get to add their expertise to everything we deliver.

Review & refine

Here we take feedback from your team and make any required adjustments, so the solution integrates seamlessly into your organisation. We work to personalise the base components delivered during the Build and you will start to see the real value of a Cloud Platform.


During the deploy stage, FiveP work on training and transition for your team so they are enabled to work effectively and efficiently in the new environment. To us, familiarity with the new platform and ease of use are critical to achieving a successful implementation for your organisation.

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Our Products

Whether you need rescue from an information management meltdown or are looking to digitally transform your business with new collaboration tools, FiveP have a solution for you.

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From initial meetings to final outcomes, we work with you every step of the way to deliver the outcomes that can change your business for the better. Find out more about our services below.

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