The Healthcare industry includes organisations from large hospital networks, through to smaller operators, individual ancillary, and diagnostic providers. Organisations might be public, private, or not for profit, single location or distributed networks, all with their own challenges.

Industry Challenges.

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Lack of IT resources.

IT in Healthcare means supporting not just standard commercial IT infrastructure, but also its integration with clinical and reporting systems across a wide variety of environments. We work to understand the resources the IT team have and what they need to deliver. Then, we provide the people, tools, skills or apps to help bridge that gap.

Distributed Workforce.

Healthcare workers have an enormous range of experience, training, and skills. They work in a wide range of clinical, academic, and community environments. We map the people, interactions, and locations and then source, develop, and deploy solutions that allow staff to work wherever and whenever they need to.

Underinvestment in ICT.

New clinical and diagnostic technologies are improving the diagnosis and management of serious conditions but consuming Healthcare technology budgets. FiveP work to understand the overall flow of information and communication needed and then work to make the most of existing infrastructure and resources to achieve the right outcome.

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