Latest updates and roadmap for Office 365 following the SharePoint Conference 2018 in Las Vegas

admin May 23rd, 2018

latest updates and roadmap for Office 365

As you may have heard, Microsoft returned to Las Vegas at the SharePoint Conference 2018. In this article, we bring you the latest updates and roadmap for Office 365 following the announcements at #SPC18.

Latest updates and roadmap for Office 365

Here is a summary of #SPC18 announcements:

  • Notifications for @mentions and likes from SharePoint pages and Office documents
  • Existing web parts get a refresh
  • Several new web parts introduced
  • Enhancements to SharePoint lists . A lot of enhancements !
  • Deeper integration with the rest of the Microsoft ecosystem
  • Significant improvements to News in SharePoint sites
  • Mobile Apps receive major updates
  • Enhancements Search refiners and Search verticals
  • In-page metadata panel and page metadata web part introduced
  • On-premises SharePoint 2019 updates to leverage Modern UI
  • SharePoint Spaces was introduced, this is a Mixed Reality experience for SharePoint… watch this space.

Office 365 latest updates and roadmap

See a more detailed write up of the above features here:

Office 365 roadmap

In addition to the announcements from the SharePoint Conference 2018, please don’t forget to review the published feature roadmap that covers all Office 365 services, including updates to SharePoint, Office Online, OneDrive, Teams, etc.

All items in the roadmap are categorised into their release phase of either, Launched, Rolling out, In development or Cancelled.

This roadmap should be checked regularly for updates. Microsoft will deploy updates to the platform whether you are ready or not! (shameless plug: FiveP’s Cloud App Support Service takes care of this roadmap monitoring and planning for you. Contact us to find out more).

Here are some product specific links to the roadmap that we think our users and customers should be excited about:

In all honesty, FiveP are all excited about these improvements too and we are looking forward to empowering you and every person on your team to achieve more.

Shout out to the SharePoint experts at FiveP for the information in this article and in particular:

John Harach, Dominic Wall, Jane Prowse and Matt Narayan.

Find out more from the official SharePoint Conference 2018 website here!/news.

Thank you for reading this article about the latest updates and roadmap for Office 365 introduced at the SharePoint Conference 2018 in Las Vegas.



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