Padarc moves to Office 365 SharePoint and Exchange

admin September 7th, 2015

SharePoint and Exchange

“A big thanks to Patrick and David at FiveP Australia for their great work setting up our new Office 365 Exchange Server and SharePoint services. It revolutionised our office work!”

It is always a pleasure to get feedback from our customers. A big thanks to the Padarc team for the shout-out. As self-confessed tech-heads we are passionate about software, we love to hear that we have been able to revolutionise the way they work! We believe it is about the people we work with, rather than the technology we use.

Padarc specialises in the design and construction of inner-urban, single houses and multi-residential projects, based in Richmond, Victoria.

Padarc maintains an extensive and growing network of property development and property management experts. The business recognised the need to adjust their current information processing procedures; it found that employees were being hampered by communications constraints. Mainly – the lack of a centralised calendar which highlighted the progression of current contracts.

Padarc identified the need to deliver a solution that would provide their team access to the information they require when they need it, regardless of where they are and what device they use. To address these needs and ensure a speedy deployment, Padarc engaged FiveP to deliver a solution that would aim to provide a single source of truth for the firm. Having provided SharePoint solutions since 2005, FiveP has extensive experience with solving the issues that Padarc faced. FiveP was able to migrate their email content from a legacy third-party system to Exchange Online, which resulted in the deprecation of the legacy platform.

FiveP’s solution, based on the Office 365 platform, allows for easy access to a source of truth, which supports the business to collaborate and communicate more effectively and efficiently.

The partnership between Padarc and FiveP was essential to the project’s success. Padarc now has the tools to increase their organisation’s success.

If you are interested in how this project worked, please contact us.




Patrick Lee | Technical Consultant | FiveP

About the author: Patrick is passionate, professional, efficient, hardworking and humble. As a Microsoft certified IT Professional of SharePoint, he helps people to get enterprise technologies in order to improve their business processes.

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