Partnering with the best and the brightest for SharePoint success.

By collaborating with experts in other fields, FiveP are able to provide best in class capability to our own clients and to those of our partners. This allows us to do what we do best, and focus on SharePoint exclusively.

Everyone knows the saying ‘a jack of all trades, a master of none’. It’s one that we pay close attention to here at FiveP. We believe in specialisation – doing one thing and doing it really well. For us that thing is SharePoint. However, often our clients need help with SharePoint, Dynamics 365 and CRM practices. To help them with these problems, we partner with other specialists – like-minded businesses that we respect, trust and know are great at what they do.

Similarly, our partners will often bring us in on projects they are working on that require a SharePoint component. We liaise with all of our partners personally, providing them with regular communication and a highly personal service.

We know that trust is the key factor in these partner relationships and always act with complete honesty, integrity and professionalism. Our partners can rely on us to provide exceptional client management and deliver extraordinary solutions for their clients.

The partnerships we have formed over the years are central to what we are about and a vital part of FiveP. Finding a real synergy with other businesses allows us to work as a team, providing holistic solutions to clients where everyone can focus on what they do best without stepping on toes.

Implementation Partners

FiveP works in partnership with a range of firms to deploy the best solution for our clients.

Product Partners

FiveP partners with world class product partners to deliver solutions for our customers.