SharePoint Specialists With a Focus on People.

Put simply, FiveP help businesses find better ways to organise their information. Our SharePoint consultants provide a ‘single source of truth’ – a place where people can go and get what they need quickly and easily.

FiveP covers the full spectrum of SharePoint consulting. By offering our clients a range of services spanning design and support, development, extranet, websites and intranets, we can transform an organisation, delivering a wide range of positive short and long term benefits for the business and its people.

We help businesses of all sizes from all industries. From real estate to retail, art and entertainment to aviation and education, everyone can benefit from access to enterprise grade technology.

With our SharePoint solutions providing easy access to what you need, you can stop wasting hours looking for things you easily found yesterday but now seem to have vanished or, even worse, spend time rewriting or recreating them. This is a huge expense that organisations cannot afford and a waste of money that could be invested into more important areas of the business.

We can make data portable and accessible from anywhere and from any device. This is ideal for businesses with multiple locations and a geographically spread workforce who need to access a library of data on the go.

SharePoint allows multiple document authors and multiple owners. This means we’re able to relieve bottlenecks caused by single author platforms, freeing up resources and getting things done.

However, above everything else, what we do is focus on people not technology. We work closely with your team, giving them the training and change-management they need to use these new technologies effectively and efficiently.

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