Exporting term sets from the term store

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Exporting term sets from the term store

DEAN LANE August 14, 2014

The question of exporting term sets from the term store was brought to our attention a few months ago. Users are finding that there is no out of the box solution available; we found a blog that solved this problem:


However, FiveP’s Matt Narayan has called out an easier way of doing it.

  1. Using Excel, blank workbook
  2. Data ribbon, connect to other sources
  3. Select XML source
  4. Enter the location of the file​ from “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Office\TermSets”
  5. Select the latest XML files and import into your worksheet

This will essentially load up the latest locally cached version of a terms that you’ve used recently. You can then copy this to standard CSV file for cleaning up and importing back into your next term store.

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