Managing topic terms after deployment

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Managing topic terms after deployment

MATT NARAYAN September 4, 2014
Managing topic terms after deployment

Changing the label of a topic

A topic can be relabelled.

After a topic has been given a new label, any time a piece of content is categorised with this topic, the new name appears. However, any existing content that has been categorised with this topic will continue to show the old label. This may affect search results as we expect that search would index on the old label.

Given this limitation, we recommend that you only relabel a topic so that the underlying meaning does not change. For instance, you may discover that the term “Remuneration” is not clear and instead you’d like it called “Salary” or something like that. Before making such a change, you’d probably check how many items had been categorised as “Remuneration” seeing as any of these items would not be updated with the new label.

Adding new topics

Initial load is done by bulk import. Further additions done individually (no subsequent bulk imports possible).

Moving a topic to another function

This can be done if you ever need to. However, we’d probably suggest that in most cases you would be better off creating a duplicate topic in the other function. The consumer of the content is usually not aware of the Function > Topic parent-child relationship. Instead they usually just see the topic. So, you’d only need to move (or recreate) a topic to make it easier for content producers to select the right one.

Deleting a topic

Again this can be done. Any existing content would not be changed though – they would continue to show the deleted topic. The topic is displayed in red and underlined to indicate that it is no longer in use.

Deprecating a topic

Usually a better alternative to deleting, sometimes a topic would cease to be relevant. In these cases, any existing content categorised with the topic would retain that categorisation and it would be normally displayed (i.e., not flagged in red). After the topic has been deprecated, it can no longer be selected to categorise content.

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