FiveP and Latitude Directions for Young People


FiveP and Latitude Directions for Young People

MATT NARAYAN August 10, 2015
FiveP and Latitude Directions for Young People

In Australia around 1 out of every 200 people are homeless. Almost half of these people are young people under the age of 25. Last week was Homelessness Prevention Week. I do some work with Latitude Directions for Young People – an organisation that does amazing work in Melbourne’s western suburbs. Seeing as it was Homelessness Prevention Week I thought it might be a good idea to get the team involved.

My idea was to bring in an empty box in to work and see whether I could collect a few grocery items for Latitude’s open access pantry. So I brought in an empty box and put out the call. I was absolutely blown away by the response! The staff and management of FiveP decided that Latitude do outstanding work in the community and the donations came flooding in. By that afternoon, my empty box was completely jammed packed with goodies and by the next morning the box was surrounded by full shopping bags.

What is it for?

“Latitude provides an open access pantry, the pantry can be accessed by young people residing in transitional housing or in temporary accommodation. Sometimes, young people might be staying with a family friend, and access to the pantry provides an opportunity for them to contribute to the household and potentially elongate their stay.
Our pantry is about filling a temporary gap, not relying on the pantry. Young people will work with their support worker towards financial stability, but like everyone, sometimes they just need a bit of help.”

We even donated a family-size packet of Tim Tams a FiveP fav!

To find out how your team can donate visit:!donate/c1avz

Food for Latitude box

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