Latest updates and roadmap for Office 365 following the SharePoint Conference 2018 in Las Vegas

As you may have heard, Microsoft returned to Las Vegas at the SharePoint Conference 2018. In this article, we bring you the latest updates and roadmap for Office 365 following the announcements at #SPC18. Latest updates and roadmap for Office 365 Here is a summary of #SPC18 announcements: Notifications for @mentions and likes from SharePoint pages and Office documents Existing … Continued

How well do you engage with and listen to customers?

How well do you engage with and listen to customers? Are you open to truly understanding what your customers are saying and experiencing with your products and services? “I know my customers better than anyone. After all, they are my customers!”. We would love a dollar for each time we have heard this from our … Continued

FiveP does maternity leave right. Ask Melanie Bruix!

FiveP is thrilled to welcome back Melanie Bruix, from maternity leave. During Melanie’s maternity leave, FiveP has grown and changed, like her growing family. In the year that Melanie was on leave FiveP welcomed aboard ten new team mates. This growth has largely been driven by our clients spreading the word about how FiveP has … Continued

How to get visibility/report on an ‘Opportunities’ active sales stage without code in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes it hard to report on the time an Opportunity (or other entity) sits in particular Sales Stage within a Business Process Flow (BPF). Open an Opportunity in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and you can see straight away how long the Opportunity has been ‘stuck’ in its current process stage but try to … Continued

How digital transformation is impacting sales approaches

One of our team members recently commented that a door-to-door salesperson came to their home to try and convince them to change electricity providers. Not only did this experience agitate our team member given the inconvenience and lack of suitability relating to the selling technique and actual proposition being offered, but it also served as … Continued

Information Management: does your team have access to the information that they need, when they need it?

If you are old enough to remember what life was like before the advent of what is affectionately referred to as the ‘information super highway’, you will know what it was like to wait for the evening news or the morning newspaper to find out what was going on in the world. There was a … Continued

Find out new ways to communicate with your team

If you are the founder of a business or have been directly involved in the initial evolution of a business concept, it’s an exciting yet daunting experience as you try to bring your initial ideas and thinking into a commercial reality. There is only so much you can achieve as a one-man band and there … Continued

Kieran’s Tech Talk – SharePoint Search by date range

SharePoint search is extremely powerful, and often users & developers don’t know about some of this power. Below are a few date range queries that I’ve found useful in the past.   Searching for items within a particular date range   MyManagedProperty:2017-10-15..2017-10-20 The “..” operator allows us specify a range of dates in the SharePoint … Continued

Tips for launching a great intranet – Three: The Project Team

Doers – Representative group of internal stakeholders who get the job done Maybe it’s possible for an individual to single-handedly implement an awesome intranet. Maybe it’s possible for just one department to deliver a great intranet without any assistance. But we have never seen this work. Great intranets are implemented by teams. The teams are … Continued

Kieran’s Tech Talk – Date-based searching in SharePoint and time zones

The Situation Anybody who has done any development in JavaScript knows that anything involving dates can be enormously painful to work with. Especially in an application where users span multiple time zones. I recently encountered a rather interesting issue when applying date-based searching in SharePoint and time zones. As part of an information portal I … Continued