“Just Because We Can” – Don’t Enable Features Without Having Goals in Mind

We see it in our personal lives every day. Another feature added to our mobile device, another digital channel added to our television, another new whizzbang application to monitor our heart rate and physical well-being. It really is never ending. The technological age should be re-branded as the technological overload given what we have access … Continued

Your Team “re-inventing the wheel” All The Time Because They Don’t Know What Data Already Exists?

As your business continues to grow and evolve over time in line with the changing needs of your customers, so too will the way in which you need to manage, store and share information internally. How many times have you asked a colleague where a certain file is stored and they tell you “It’s on … Continued

‘Workflow Lab’: The FREE Two-Day Workshop With Industry-Leading Experts from FiveP

Are you interested in piloting mobile apps, doc generation and Workflow analytics? Join the webinar presented by FiveP and Nintex to find out how to address your company needs to easily generate business critical documents, analyse your process portfolio and build powerful mobile apps across the entire Nintex platform. Nintex has introduced the following services that significantly enhance the … Continued