Our workplace culture – lessons learned

We know it’s a big call to say that FiveP has the best office in Melbourne. However, we genuinely believe this is the case for plenty of reasons and continuously strive to make our workplace the envy of our competitors across Australia. There are many ingredients to a thriving, effective and productive workplace where key … Continued

Enterprise Grade Technology for One

Everyone is a One. What do I mean by this? Well, think about this for a moment: 3.2 million people work for the US Department of Defense, making it the largest workforce in the world. Walmart and McDonalds aren’t far behind with 2.1 million and 1.9 million respectively. So what is at the core of … Continued

FiveP Turns Three: Here’s What We’ve Learned

The other day I was halfway through a project when a thought suddenly struck me – we’ve been doing this for more than three years now. We as a team at FiveP have now been striving and strategising and seeking those “Kaizen” moments for our clients for three whole trips around the sun. It’s a … Continued

Certificate expiration warning for Exchange 2013 hybrid deployment with Office 365

What’s the deal? In a nutshell, if you’re using an on-site Exchange 2013 server with a hybrid Office 365 environment, your mail flow between the two service could stop due to a certification issue. Here’s why: The Office 365 TLS Certificate is expiring on the 15th of April 2016. This certificate is used by Office … Continued

Australian culture drives digital innovation

Australians are embracing digital innovation, and we’re doing it more than most. As a nation, we’re ranked 2nd in the world for our adoption of cloud despite our comparatively small population, which shows that when it comes to tech we’re definitely not scared to give it a crack.   Apps are also now a part … Continued

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from FiveP!

As this year speeds to a close, a big THANK YOU to all we’ve had the pleasure of working with for making 2016 such an enjoyable year. We are proud to announce that, through our partnership with Microsoft, Data#3 and Telstra, FiveP has helped hundreds of different types of businesses tackle a wide range of … Continued

Two become one: The power of CRM & marketing automation

The more you know, the more personalised and more targeted your marketing can be. And even more fundamentally, the better you can make your services. A good CRM can help you discover what is and isn’t working, and what exactly you can do to improve what you offer. A CRM on its own is useless. … Continued

Padarc moves to Office 365 SharePoint and Exchange

It is always a pleasure to get feedback from our customers. A big thanks to the Padarc team for the shout-out. As self-confessed tech-heads we are passionate about software, we love to hear that we have been able to revolutionise the way they work! We believe it is about the people we work with, rather … Continued

FiveP and Latitude Directions for Young People

In Australia around 1 out of every 200 people are homeless. Almost half of these people are young people under the age of 25. Last week was Homelessness Prevention Week. I do some work with Latitude Directions for Young People – an organisation that does amazing work in Melbourne’s western suburbs. Seeing as it was … Continued

Agile Speak. What FiveP is reading

We have had some major changes at FiveP, see our blog ( A huge influence has come from Jeff Sutherland in how we have embraced agile, not only for our projects but also our customer support service. Jeff Sutherland, started his career as a ‘top gun’ fighter pilot in the US air force. Went on … Continued