Melbourne-based SharePoint consultants with specialist Change Management expertise.

It’s great to have the structure, simplicity and possibility offered by SharePoint’s innovative tools and technologies, however, as with most things in life, it means little without the buy-in of the real people behind it.

The SharePoint platform can revolutionise a business from the inside out. It can open doors to smarter, quicker and better ways of working. However, none of this can be achieved if you don’t engage, inform and empower the people working with the platform. You must guide them through the introduction of the system so that they feel comfortable with what it is, how it works and the positive impact it can bring.

Research has proven that effective change management is a critical factor that significantly contributes to the successful outcome of a project. Often, people can be wary of change. Even if it means doing things better, it’s hard for some people to let go of the way things ‘used to be done’, especially when it comes to business. To minimize any negative impact that may stem from ‘fear of change’, FiveP proactively manage the awareness, training and ongoing support of users.

The change management work we go through as part of the deployment of the SharePoint platform helps to build awareness of the objectives, gain stakeholder acceptance and secure their ongoing commitment. Change Management is an on-going process. Throughout the deployment and beyond, we will work with your staff and stakeholders to continually help, guide and assist them, as your organisation’s capability continually develops over time.