SharePoint is an enterprise ready platform and should be treated with as much care as your Exchange environment. FiveP provides services to support your SharePoint platform holistically. FiveP can give you peace of mind that your platform is both technically sound as well as managed against a set of governance standards.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is part of Office365 and has some key functional differences to SharePoint On-Premise. FiveP understands these differences and can ensure that your organisation is leveraging the best parts of the platform, whilst keeping you out of rabbit holes.

SharePoint On-premise

On-premise is the traditional way to implement SharePoint. Our team members have been working with SharePoint On-premise since before it was called SharePoint. FiveP can help you architect, design and build robust on premise SharePoint environments.

Architecture Consulting

SharePoint 2013, SQL Server, Performance Point, Office Web Applications and App-Fabric are some of the components that require architectural planning before you deploy a SharePoint Platform. Further planning is required to understand how SharePoint fits within your overall Enterprise Architecture. FiveP can provide consulting services to architect your platform and deploy it within your enterprise.

SharePoint Governance

At the heart of FiveP’s approach to managing SharePoint platforms is the governance framework. FiveP can kick start defining your governance framework by leveraging our existing role and task based governance framework. We start with a standard framework and tailor it your organisation’s unique attributes.

Change Management

Change management is essential in the roll out of any platform. FiveP has developed a methodology for deploying SharePoint solutions that allow you to objectively manage and measure the changes introduced by SharePoint.

Support and Maintenance

FiveP Support Service ensures that your platform is used as it should be. Our support service revolves around having expertise available as required. We combine help desk with on-site presence to ensure your end users have peace of mind that expertise is not far away.


FiveP has established a SharePoint support service to provide a greater level of certainty in operating your SharePoint environment.

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Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful application platform and is capable of delivering a wide range of productivity solutions. FiveP Australia can help deliver solutions of all sizes. From corporate intranets right through to bespoke line of business solutions, FiveP has you covered.

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FiveP Infrastructure specialists have worked with, and deployed some of the largest SharePoint environments in the country. We provide guidance and advice when making the choice of cloud vs on premise. FiveP SharePoint consultants take care to ensure that our installations are secure, reliable and high performing.

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Training is a key ingredient of change. It is through delivering learning outcomes that we can help your organisation to bridge the gap between technology and people.

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