FiveP SharePoint Support

FiveP has established a SharePoint support service to provide a greater level of certainty in operating your SharePoint environment.

FiveP understand that SharePoint is a complex and challenging application that requires a wide variety of skill sets to be able to manage and consistently deliver business solutions on. This is why the FiveP SharePoint Support Services Package provides proactive SharePoint management and support to growing businesses.

We have found that many other support services are unnecessarily complicated, expensive, difficult to understand, and marketed as providing you with “insurance” for your SharePoint environment.

We started to ask the question… what sort of “insurance” expires if you do not use it all in a month, is delivered by an offshore third party that cannot and will not turn up to assist you face to face and can only resolve simple break/fix service requests.

This is why we deliver SharePoint support services utilising our unique framework. We work hard to deliver a proactive range of services to keep your SharePoint Applications up and running and your team productive. We understand that in the majority of cases what a business needs for SharePoint support is access to a panel of SharePoint experts to assist with solving your difficult SharePoint problems.

  • FiveP’s SharePoint support hours don’t expire for 12 months, there is no need to stress out about using them every month
  • FiveP’s minimum package is 30 hrs and can be topped up at any time. Giving you more control over your spending
  • FiveP’s support desk is onshore and we love coming on site
  • Your support hours can be used for many different services, not just break and/or fix


Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful application platform and is capable of delivering a wide range of productivity solutions. FiveP Australia can help deliver solutions of all sizes. From corporate intranets right through to bespoke line of business solutions, FiveP has you covered.

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SharePoint is an enterprise ready platform and should be treated with as much care as your Exchange environment. FiveP provides services to support your SharePoint platform holistically. FiveP can give you peace of mind that your platform is both technically sound as well as managed against a set of governance standards.

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FiveP Infrastructure specialists have worked with, and deployed some of the largest SharePoint environments in the country. We provide guidance and advice when making the choice of cloud vs on premise. FiveP SharePoint consultants take care to ensure that our installations are secure, reliable and high performing.

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Training is a key ingredient of change. It is through delivering learning outcomes that we can help your organisation to bridge the gap between technology and people.

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