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admin November 6th, 2014

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Typically a corporate intranet would be considered a portal for top-down communication. Therefore there’s usually a small number of people who can add or update content on the site and the majority of users are readers.

We normally setup the content authors in the “ Members” group. We typically add all the other users by setting up the “ Visitors” group to consist of “Everyone except external users”.

The Problem

The problem with this type of setup is that while we want non-authors to have read access only, we also encourage them to use the enterprise social features specifically site feed. They can’t do that if they have read-only rights.

The Solution

To get around this problem, we need to grant the Visitors group with permissions to the Microfeed list. The Microfeed list is a hidden list that is behind a site feed. Because the microfeed list is hidden, the only way to navigate there is by typing in the address which looks like this:


Note that every site that uses a site feed has a different Microfeed list. For example the In the Workplace page also has its own site feed so that would be in:


Steps to update Visitors group permissions

  1. Create a new Permission Level
    • Name: Social Feed
    • Description: This custom permission level allows visitors to contribute to Site Feeds (requires breaking of permission inheritance on microfeed lists).
  2. Permissions
    • List Permissions: Add Items; Edit Items; Delete Items; View Items; Leave all other options unchecked
    • Site Permissions: View pages; Open; Leave all other options unchecked
    • Personal Permissions: Leave all unchecked
  3. Break permission inheritance for the Microfeed list
    • Go to the Microfeed list (refer to the notes above about locating the address of the list)
    • Go to list settings > Permissions for this List
    • Click on the ribbon button “Stop Inheriting Permissions”
  4. Add the Social Feed permission level to the “Visitors” group
    • Check the box next to the “Visitors” group
    • Click the ribbon button “Edit User Permissions”
    • Check the box for Social Feed then click OK

As a result of making these changes, the list will be editable by Visitors thus allowing them to post to the site feed.

Remember, there may be many different site feeds and therefore this process may need to be repeated across other lists. Also please note that this article has been written assuming that the “ Visitors” group is the one that needs the access to post to the site feed. Depending on the site setup it may be another group.



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