Tips for launching a great intranet – Three: The Project Team

admin September 14th, 2017


Doers – Representative group of internal stakeholders who get the job done

Maybe it’s possible for an individual to single-handedly implement an awesome intranet. Maybe it’s possible for just one department to deliver a great intranet without any assistance. But we have never seen this work. Great intranets are implemented by teams. The teams are made up of people from across the organisation. With a collegial ethos, they come together to make the intranet happen. They are consulted broadly and narrowly. Broad in the sense that they have awareness of the breadth of the initiative and they are “on the journey”. Narrow in the sense that they make key decisions and provide guidance along the way as well as they know what the needs and the challenges of the workforce are.

Typically, the project team consists of a mix of staff and managers from across the organisation. It’s important to ensure that the team should not be too large. Some organisations are quite large and have many disparate divisions. We recommend against a core project team consisting solely of senior managers or executives. Senior managers usually don’t have enough time to commit and usually they don’t have the low level subject matter expertise required.

We’ve found that a project team of five to eight is normally the right number. In cases where the job requires more people, one model that can work well is the inner and outer circle model. The inner circle is heavily involved and they communicate and consult where required with the outer circle.

The project team are responsible for:

  • Identifying the roles and responsibilities for ongoing intranet management
  • Establishing the information architecture and assets that will best suit the needs of the organisation
  • Establishing the permissions and other related security governance
  • Managing the content migration and content production
  • Communicating back to their teams.

Ideally, the core project team has been selected because they will go on to become champions of the intranet at launch. As such, we generally provide this group deep training in the system.

Every organisation has their own internal structure and characteristics. There’s no one model for an intranet project. Usually, every intranet project should have supportive executive sponsorship, a sharp project manager and a committed project team.

With the right blend of resources, you’ll be on the right track for a successful project. Now that you have a clearer idea around FiveP’s vision on helping organisations implement an awesome Intranet, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or feedback. Just submit your message using the form provided here:

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Matt Narayan | Head of Professional Services | FiveP

About the author: With over 15 years’ experience working in the technology industry, Matt is an experienced professional business analyst and brings a wealth of capability to any project.

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