Tips for launching a great corporate Intranet – Two: The Project Manager

admin August 17th, 2017

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Are you in good hands or are you looking for the right Intranet experts? At FiveP, we have cumulatively clocked up decades of experience with delivering intranets. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work. When we, as a team of Intranet experts, reflect back, we observe patterns of success (and of failure, but that’s for another day!).

This article describes the second of the three important roles involved in delivering a great intranet project: the Project Manager.

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Project managers – Strong and effective project management

Perhaps this is the most key factor in the success of an intranet project. We believe that every organisation needs to assign someone internal as the project manager. As consultants, we are always happy to assist and support, but it becomes crucial when someone who works for the organisation is formally assigned to the project, either as a contractor or as a permanent employee. It’s not about their payroll status, it’s about their knowledge of the organisation and the perception of others in the enterprise that they are one of their own. It is remarkably easier to deliver effectively when you know the internal quirks of an organisation. Internal project managers know who’s who.

They are responsible for:

  • Scheduling and coordinating
  • Identifying the key resources involved
  • Identifying and managing risks and issues
  • Communicating to stakeholders
  • Controlling scope and budget
  • Keeping the project team engaged and ensuring they are supported.

When we deliver intranets, we work most closely with this person. We support them by guiding them on what the potential pitfalls will be, advise them on activities, likely duration and the kinds of resources they’ll need. We empower them with the core knowledge that they need to plan and coordinate. A competent project manager takes that guidance on board and leverage their awareness of their organisation to plan and deliver.

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About the author: With over 15 years’ experience working in the technology industry, Matt is an experienced professional business analyst and brings a wealth of capability to any project.

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