Two become one: The power of CRM & marketing automation

admin February 18th, 2016


The more you know, the more personalised and more targeted your marketing can be. And even more fundamentally, the better you can make your services. A good CRM can help you discover what is and isn’t working, and what exactly you can do to improve what you offer.

A CRM on its own is useless.

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution as a technology solution is wrong – it means that you end up focusing on delivering a beautifully balanced system that has no business value. What you should focus on instead is what you are trying to get out of the system.

In fact, a CRM on its own is useless – it’s only as good as its content.  An effective CRM needs quality content for it to be worthwhile. Which is where Click Dimensions and your digital marketing efforts come into play- they feed your CRM with content to make it worthwhile.

Technology is irrelevant. It has got to be quality content, and can only be brought in when you bolt on CD and DM.

The technology isn’t important, what matters is what you’re using it for. In this case: digital marketing.

The life cycle of the customer

When you’re trying to achieve greater visibility over your marketing information, being able to track the entire life-cycle of your customer is the obvious starting point. This begins by tracking their browser behaviour prior to them becoming your customer.

What were they looking for prior to buying from you? What other products & services are they interested in? Which of your competitors did they visit before coming to you?

They might come in with one problem, but then buy another product entirely. By having that information, you can have intelligent conversations about what they had initially needed from your website.

What is a CRM?

A CRM by itself is a sales automation tool. It helps sales teams with their processes, reporting and task management. In a nutshell, it’s a system to collect and manage data about your customers, which is then used towards marketing. It doesn’t get you leads; it just helps you manage them. Integration with Clickdimensions is where your leads come in, because this creates a multidimensional view of your customer – not the 2D view of simple transaction data.

At the end of the day, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel – instead of blaming technology, all you need to do is re-examine your processes. CRM consultants will cost a lot of money to help you improve, and can take up to 6 months of work. But you don’t have to go down this path; instead, focus on improving your processes – more often than not they may be the cause.

CRM Tips

We’ll leave you on this note: at a very fundamental level Australia often lags behind US competitors when it comes to marketing. It’s time this balance shifted.  To start the process, here are 8 simple things you can now do within your familiar MS Dynamics CR environment to give your business the edge you’re looking for:

  1. See which organisations visited your website
  2. Link traffic to actual CRM contacts
  3. Send EDM’s via the CRM
  4. Track email opens per contact
  5. Run programmed nurture campaigns* per marketing lists or individuals
  6. Manage fully designed email templates
  7. Track lead sources through ready-to-go-smart forms
  8. Align Marketing activities with revenue creation

* After gaining your customer at the early stages and managing them during the sales process, at the end of the process you need to nurture them, and these programs are great at helping at this point – to extend that visibility right through the sales funnel.



Alex Pizarro | GM Sales & Marketing | FiveP

About the author: Another of the business’ founders and a current board member, Alex Pizarro takes on the role of FiveP’s General Manager – Sales and Marketing. Alex is a passionate supporter of FiveP’s belief that every business should be able to harness the power of enterprise grade technology.

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