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admin February 14th, 2018

maternity leave

FiveP is thrilled to welcome back Melanie Bruix, from maternity leave.

During Melanie’s maternity leave, FiveP has grown and changed, like her growing family. In the year that Melanie was on leave FiveP welcomed aboard ten new team mates.

This growth has largely been driven by our clients spreading the word about how FiveP has helped them to deliver Modern Workplace and Business Application solutions.

With more projects to work on, it is perfect timing for Melanie and FiveP to have her return to work. Melanie’s depth in analytical thinking, attention to detail and positive attitude has been missed by the team. It has been a huge boost for everyone in the team to have her back.

To celebrate Melanie’s return, I caught up with her and asked her a few questions to understand what has changed in her life. You can read an excerpt of the interview below:

R.: Hi Melanie and welcome back! I recently read your post on LinkedIn and you sounded very delighted to be back in the office. What has made you feel empowered on you first day back?

M.: Thanks Ricky. There is no better way to get back to work after all this time than being warmly welcomed back, like you guys did. Since I’ve been back, my co-workers have given me their full support, helping me with anything I need and bringing me up to speed with the latest news about our projects. In particular, I’d like to thank my manager Matt Narayan for being super flexible with my working arrangements. Finally, many thanks to my husband for being so supportive.

R.: How did FiveP manage the transition to your maternity leave?

M.: FiveP hired a Project Manager to cover my role while on maternity leave. We had 3 weeks of handover before I went on maternity leave. This was brilliant as I knew my projects would be in safe hands. Being a PM, when I left I wanted to set my return date. The Directors told me to take it as it comes and to let them know when I was ready to come back to work. That flexibility and understanding was great, as it allowed me to concentrate on my family.

R.: How did FiveP facilitate your return from maternity leave?

M.: FiveP’s ongoing growth has meant that the PM that was hired to cover my maternity leave, has now been offered a full-time role. They have been able to hand back some of the projects I worked on prior the maternity leave, which has made my comeback less stressful.

The Directors of the company have given me a lot of flexibility with my working hours. They let me choose the type of contract (full time/part time) and the commencing date. All great benefits for me, as it is less complicated to care for my son at these early stages of his life.

R.: What sort of projects are you working on at the moment?

M.: I am already very busy! (she laughs!). I am back working on some of the projects I was coordinating before, plus a few new projects as well, helping our clients deploy Microsoft Modern Experience solutions (SharePoint, Dynamics 365, PowerBI, etc.).

R.: One last question for you: It’s been almost two years now since you joined FiveP. What type of responsibilities have you taken on during this time and how quickly has your role grown?

M.: Well, I started with FiveP as a part time contractor and then moved on to a full-time employee position.

When I joined FiveP, the Induction Plan for new employees was not as structured as it is today, but I managed to familiarise myself quickly with the environment, methods and “customer oriented” spirit of FiveP. During this time, having co-workers I could count on to help me through that transition has been very important.

I started with small to medium projects and learnt a lot about the solutions we were deploying for our customers at the time. It didn’t take long before I moved on to bigger projects. That’s when I started coordinating and deploying more customised and complex solutions. With Microsoft constantly enhancing its products and FiveP’s offerings, I learn something new every day. This is why here, at FiveP, there are always new training and development opportunities. This is why I am proud of my job and my work environment.



Ricky Ventaglio | Marketing Advisor | FiveP

About the author: Ricky’s focus on marketing and sales automation, generating leads, branding, CRM systems, and the online environment is helping communicate FiveP’s thoughts on Sharepoint and Dynamics 365.

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