Why Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of intelligent business applications that enable your organisation to grow, evolve and transform to meet the needs of your customers and capture new opportunities by unifying traditional CRM and ERP capabilities into new purpose-built applications.

Who is Dynamics 365 for?

Organisations that wish to build, nurture and maintain valuable interactions with their customers and prospects and who want to manage sales, service & marketing in one “single source of the truth” business application. Microsoft Dynamics is an ideal solution for small business and enterprise alike, with advanced marketing automation, customer relationship management and lead nurturing capabilities for any sales or marketing objectives.


How will FiveP help your Dynamics project?

Dynamics 365 can help reduce costs and improve business outcomes by automating business processes that nurture customer engagement. FiveP can provide consulting and implementation services for Dynamics 365 as well as the periphery solutions, Power BI, data analytics and Office 365. Every project should start with a high-level scope, a set of requirements (features or epics) that are agreed upon with the customer prior to commencement. This is generally a customisable set of requirements that equate to our MVP.  We believe that all projects should be split into small, incremental and deployable deliveries (Sprints). This will delay the costly detailed analysis of requirements until they are required for a release. The process also involves the customer all through the project delivery lifecycle by testing every delivery and by assisting with solution adoption.

What will Microsoft Dynamics do for your business?

Dynamics 365 completes Microsoft’s intelligent business cloud. It enables your business to better manage, segment and automate your marketing initiatives by providing email marketing, database segmentation, lead scoring and lead generation, and much more. Benefits of the Dynamics CRM solution:

  • It brings together your industry leading CRM and ERP cloud offerings into one cloud service with purpose-built applications that are designed for roles, industries and key business functions, including: Sales, Customer Service, Finance, Field Service, Operations, Marketing and Project Service Automation.
  • It strengthens your brand and enhances your customers experience by maintaining a unified customer profile for all your integrated, cross-channel marketing iterations.
  • It delivers deeper business intelligence by embedding Power BI and Cortana Intelligence to help companies achieve their business goals with predictive insights, prescriptive advice and actionable next steps.
  • It introduces an adaptable platform with the new common data model and extensible business application platform, enabling organisations to transform to meet the market demands and innovate in real-time.

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