SharePoint specialists doing things differently.

It’s not just our love for pizza making that makes us different from your usual SharePoint consultants. With a focus on mid tier business and a commitment to level the playing field by bringing enterprise Cloud technologies to all, FiveP’s SharePoint services are refreshingly different to the norm.

FiveP  represents a new wave of consultants. We are honest, open and practical. There is no spin, no overselling, no overpromising and no under delivering.

While we are self-confessed tech heads and passionate about software, we believe that what sets us apart from the rest is that our main focus is on the people we work with, rather than the technology we use. For us the most important part of what we do is empowering people. We bring the people we work with into the project, keeping them engaged and informed every step of the way and changing behaviour through comprehensive training and change management. We deliver business benefits, not just technology solutions.

We also differ in terms of the kind of businesses we work with. Traditionally, enterprise grade technology consultants have worked with only Tier 1 businesses – the cost and scale of the product making it unobtainable for smaller sized enterprise. However, with the introduction of SharePoint and the ‘Cloud’ in general, the opportunities and benefits that come with these new technologies are now open to everyone. It is in this space that FiveP work. With FiveP’s founders having worked extensively in the industry over the past 15 years, we are able to convert the knowledge and experience gained from servicing multinational corporations and apply it to small to medium sized enterprises.

Traditional Consulting in SharePoint is time and materials based. However, at FiveP we don’t believe in making the client wear the risk of delivering an outcome. For this reasons we only provide fixed price quotes.