Introducing Teams Navigator.

Collaborate with compliance by automating the configuration of Microsoft Teams to meet the specific policy requirements of your business.

What is Teams Navigator?

Today’s workplaces are becoming increasingly teamwork-oriented and more agile than ever before. While this enables improved collaboration, an increased volume of content being created and shared can quickly become overwhelming for both end users and the departments that manage this information. To stay ahead, businesses need sound information management in place wherever collaboration can occur.

Teams Navigator is a smart governance app that has been specifically developed for Microsoft Teams by FiveP. It enables organisations to implement management rules that are relevant to their business, improves the way users search for and organise content, and helps people work together with greater effectiveness, whilst enhancing overall organisational compliance.

Austin Health: Collaboration without compromise

In the frontline of the fight against COVID-19, Melbourne Hospital Austin Health made the decision to deploy Microsoft Teams for 8,500+ doctors, nurses, and administrative staff in a heartbeat. Challenged by a highly dynamic, fast-paced situation with people’s lives at stake, Austin Health’s workforce were rapidly and seamlessly enabled with entirely new ways to communicate and collaborate, with no shortcuts on compliance or governance thanks to Teams Navigator.

When COVID-19 struck, the urgent need to allow office personnel to work from home and clinical staff to collaborate and communicate fast and safely led Director of ICT and EMR – Alan Pritchard – and his team to make a dramatic decision: They needed to hyper-accelerate their Microsoft Teams deployment plans.

The operations of the hospital pivoted on the spot to reappropriate entire wards into COVID isolation treatment wards, implement COVID-19 testing clinics, and activation of additional ICU beds. Any new technology systems introduced as a part of this transformation needed to be not just up to the task, but up to the pace of a hospital bracing itself for war. The decision was not made lightly.

Over one weekend a revised technology roll-out strategy was in put place and less than two weeks later 8,500+ people were brought onto the platform, collaborating and communicating in an entirely new way during the battle against COVID-19.

“It’s a way I never thought I would have done medicine before, but the problem is I’m not sure how I’d go back now without it.”

Jason Trubiano | Infectious Diseases Physician and Head of COVID Unit | Austin Health

FiveP and Teams Navigator were recognised as a Finalist in the 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards category for Community Response in recognition of our work with Austin Health, and featured during the keynote of the 2020 Microsoft Inspire global partner conference.

Why does your business need Teams Navigator?

“Microsoft Teams is an invaluable tool for streamlining conversation and collaboration efforts. It has reduced my internal email and document circulation, acting as a one-stop-shop for collaboration. Additionally, Teams can be as simple, or as integrated has the user chooses, it’s that easy.”

Sonia Gabauer | Marketing Manager | Driscoll’s

Teams Navigator enables collaboration with compliance.


Cut the information overload.

The modern worker may be in 100’s of Teams and Channels. Teams Navigator helps users filter and prioritise information, and reduces the information overhead that can come with modern digital collaboration.


Improved decision-making. Even faster.

Collaboration powered by Microsoft Teams can provide a time-to-decision improvement across an entire organisation. Navigator enhances this by helping users search with even greater speed and accuracy.


Smarter, compliant Teams.

Many organisations don’t leverage existing Teams when commencing new ones. Navigator uses automated rules to set up Teams in a way that’s compliant with information management rules.

Pricing and options.

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