FiveP – SharePoint specialists changing business for the better.

Who says that only big business can enjoy the benefits of top-tier technology? At FiveP, we make it our mission to break the status quo, bringing structure, simplicity and opportunity to all.

It used to be that only the top end of town was able to enjoy access to enterprise Cloud solutions. The cost, time and rigidness of what was on offer just a short time ago meant that only large businesses had the money and resources to purchase and manage it.

However, this is no longer the case. The digital transformation, the introduction of Office 365 and the ‘Cloud’ have totally changed the landscape. It’s a new game out there and smaller players, previously pushed to the sidelines, can now come out and compete with rivals much bigger than they are.

FiveP’s mission is that all organisations, regardless of size and capability, should have the same opportunity to compete on a level playing field within their industry. Solutions do not need to be overly complex or expensive to deliver amazing outcomes. Our SharePoint solutions are delivered quickly and competitively.

But it’s not the technology alone that makes this possible. As always, our focus is on the people. Our consultants are passionate about empowering everyone in an organisation to embrace change, driving them towards better business outcomes by harnessing the power of SharePoint.