The secure, targeted role-based messaging solution for healthcare teams.

Enable structured communications and assurance of critical information handover across clinical and frontline workers in hospitals and care settings, leveraging the best-in-class security of Microsoft 365.

Streamlined, closed-loop communications.

Baret is a secure, targeted role-based messaging solution for Microsoft Teams that enables structured, closed-loop communications across clinical and frontline workers in hospitals and care services.

Baret’s messaging and image sharing system provides assured information handover in urgent and evolving on-staff settings, resulting in highly efficient communications for improved patient outcomes.

An extension of Microsoft Teams, Baret delivers an intuitive, easy to use single platform for communications that enables you to know exactly who to contact every time, interact immediately with someone who needs your help, securely capture and share images, and refer and prioritise messages easily whilst ensuring information handover. All while leveraging the best-in-class security and identity features of Microsoft 365.

Additionally, Baret provides auditability and traceability of all communications via an administrator dashboard along with EMR/PAS system integration.

Powerful Features.

An intuitive, easy to use single platform for communication.

As easy as sending a text message and supported for both mobile and desktop use, Baret eliminates the need to have multiple devices to manage important communications, and removes unsanctioned, insecure messaging apps from your environment.

Dynamic directory.

Real-time knowledge of exactly who is clocked on without knowing anything other than their role.

Secure image capture and messaging.

Prevents on-device storage or sharing patient information in an unsecure manner. 

Ensure message handover.

Messages are handed over when transitioning from one shift to another, with the confidence that important messages will be actioned with handover of role-based messages to the next person clocking on to a role.

Re-assign role-based messages.

Re-assign messages to other roles in the workflow or send copies of messages to other roles. 

Self-management of clocking on and off roles.

The ability to cover more than one role at a time. Ensure that you only receive the messages relevant to your role/s, reducing distractions and allowing focus on patient care when you’re on shift, and zero notifications when not.

Prioritise and manage messages easily.

Clearly understand the context and urgency of a message that you’re receiving and easily send acknowledgement of receipt. 

Configurable escalation rules.

Ability to selectively apply escalations to particular communication workflows and provide a variety of escalation actions, including notifying  alternate users, roles and the ability to escalate to Teams calls and phone calls. 

System integration.

Look up patient details from an EMR/PAS and add them to a role-based message quickly, and easily.

Auditability and traceability of all communications.

Provides a hospital wide, prioritised and searchable dashboard with analytics. Allow team supervisors to see who’s clocked on to roles, define names of roles, monitor workload, monitor what roles are currently vacant, clock on/off their staff, view all messages across their team and support any escalations. Allow administrators to audit role based communications for traceability and compliance.

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    Baret: An awarded solution for Microsoft Teams.


    Coupled with the Baret application, FiveP offers packaged consulting and adoption services that enable your organisation to deploy the solution and ensure it is successfully adopted. FiveP’s framework for deploying at scale addresses the three key phases of a successful technology roll-out.

    Planning Phase.

    Deployment planning can be complex. Baret simplifies this upfront by helping organisations answer questions on operations, adoption and change, and end users.

    Readiness Phase.

    Now that you understand how, execute against your deployment plan by enabling a supported pilot of Baret.

    Onboarding Phase.

    The completion of deployment is not the end, Baret provides follow-up support services to assist the rollout and avoid usage drop-off.

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