Wednesday August 17, 2022 – Victoria’s largest public health service has signed on to implement a Melbourne-developed role-based messaging solution that aims to solve one of the most common communication challenges in the healthcare industry.

Launched in October 2021, Baret was developed with input from Melbourne-based health service Austin Health where it is now extensively used. The solution – built and delivered as an application inside Microsoft Teams – enables closed-loop communications between clinical and frontline workers in a way that has not previously been possible with systems such as pagers. Key to this is Baret’s ability to provide both parties with acknowledgement of message handover and ensuring that any open communications are transitioned to new staff coming into their shifts so that nothing is missed.

“The catalyst for our pilot of Baret was the potential to improve the efficiency of our clinical communication and streamline the work of our internal contact centre,” said Mark Gravell, Director of Technology Business Services, Monash Health. “As Baret can route messages directly to the rostered-on clinician, we anticipate a drop in the volume of calls through our switch and faster sharing of time-critical information.”

The solution solves one of the most common healthcare communication challenges in knowing who is available and being able to reach them quickly in time-sensitive situations, when the only information known is the role that is needed.

Dr Michael Franco, Chief Medical Information Officer, Monash Health said “Baret’s capability to route messages directly to a role is expected to reduce the time it takes for clinical messages to reach the right person, improving the efficiency of clinical handovers at shift changes. Our pilot will target over six hundred medical registrars across five hospitals and provide a consistent, streamlined, and timely clinical communication method, enabling our frontline workers to spend more time on direct patient care.”

According to FiveP Managing Director David Dennis, the growth of the Microsoft Teams platform is unlocking new ways to empower Healthcare professionals. “Teams brings about a new era of communications capability for health services. A hospital is an environment that has many different communication methods available, and that can contribute to a high level of variability. Our aim with Baret is to help rationalize and streamline the number of devices and communication methods in use, whilst drastically improving the overall communications capability with tools such as secure clinical image sharing, and one-touch multi-disciplinary meetings for rapid response to patient scenarios.” He added, “Communication failures are still one of the leading causes of inadvertent patient harm within a hospital setting. The bottom line is improved patient safety, and security of information.”

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