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Byte Information Technology
FiveP uses SharePoint to provide a single platform to enable content sharing, document management, and enterprise search.
Byte Information Technology
July 10, 2016
Byte Information Technology (Byte) is a systems integrator that utilises technology to enable organisations to transform the way they do business. Established in Melbourne in 1993, Byte has grown significantly into a business of professional and dynamic IT Services.

Following a period of sustained growth Byte recognised the need to adjust their current information processing procedures. Byte found that employees were being hampered by communication constraints, where information was being lost in the inbox. This limitation highlighted the lack of a centralised information sharing and administration space, leading Byte to recognise the need for a corporate-wide intranet. With an aim to provide a “single source of truth”, that would unify their workforce and simplify how they collaborate, communicate on documents and search.

Byte engaged with long-term implementation partner FiveP, a Microsoft Gold partner that specialises in Cloud and Collaborative services. To deliver their “Collaborate pack”, built on the SharePoint Online: Office 365 Platform to develop a scalable environment that would meet the evolving needs of Byte’s business.

FiveP’s Collaborate pack enhances SharePoint by building on the ‘out of the box’ features, to provide a ready to use information management solution, quickly and effectively. The solution improves employee engagement by bringing teams together and creating a shared sense of identity. Furthermore, the pack facilitates team discussions in a central space and keeps related documents and information in relevant sites. Byte’s employees have access to the information they require, when they need it, regardless of location and device.

After implementation, it is evident that employees are now connecting, collaborating and sharing vital communications through a single source of truth. Byte now has the internal communications infrastructure to support their mission to maintain the status of being a successful provision of professional IT services in the Australian domain.

“An important part of Byte’s services is the provision of information on a timely basis delivered in an efficient and courteous manner. This solution improves the collaboration and communication with our employees. They can now quickly access the information they need, at any time, and on any device.”

Glenn Neyland

Head of Delivery – Byte Information Technology

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