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Dollar Curtains and Blinds
“There is less double handling, no second guessing and staff are happy they can spend more time with the customer.”
Dollar Curtains and Blinds
December 30, 2017
Dollar Curtains Blinds is Australia’s largest family owned and operated window-covering specialists. Australian families have been shopping with Dollar Curtains & Blinds for over 50 years. Customers know they provide good service, value for money products and that they manufacture locally in Australia.

What were the challenges Dollar Curtains & Blinds faced, what were you trying to fix?

At Dollars Curtains Blinds, our staff love providing a high standard of customer service and our systems were getting in the way of that.

How did this impact the business, what were the symptoms?

Information was being recorded and stored locally which meant double handling and a lot of time to do analysis. This all meant delays in stock control and delivery.

How did this change after the implementation?

Now all information is collected and loaded locally and stored in the Cloud, so we can access it from anywhere. Head office can now see what‘s happening at each store in terms of stock and ordering.

What difference has this made for staff?

Staff find the system so much more efficient. They know who has done what so they have to ask fewer questions and can take over each others’ tasks easily if someone is away.

What difference has this made to the customer?

For the customer, it means whenever they ring up or visit the store, everyone knows where their job is at, anyone can answer their question. We have all their contact information, so we can be more proactive in contacting them when we need to.

How has this made you more productive?

There is less double handling, no second guessing and staff are happy they can spend more time with the customer.

How did FiveP meet your needs?

FiveP have really understood our issues from day one, they have been very quick to come to grips with our business. They understand we have lots of staff and franchisees who are not technical, so the system has been really quick to roll out and easy for everyone to learn. It has been great to roll it out and see the difference it has already made for our business.

“The new system will provide us with a completely new backbone for the business – it will change everything we do and how we do it.“

Danielle Crosby

Marketing Manager – Dollar Curtains and Blinds

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