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GenesisCare wanted one common solution, a single source of truth which would provide their staff with a rich set of collaborative tools and help them communicate more effectively.
October 30, 2018
GenesisCare provides high-quality specialist care to patients with cancer and cardiovascular disease. The organisation exists to improve quality and access for patients and communities in need. The group is the largest provider of radiation therapy across Australia, operating 28 cancer centres in major metropolitan and also regional settings. GenesisCare employs more than 2000 highly trained health professionals and support staff including physicians and leads and participates in more than 100 clinical trials.

What solutions was GenesisCare using prior to engaging with FiveP?
An unstable SharePoint 2010 platform. Network drives were used predominately across the organisation. Email was the most effective form of communication.

What challenges and objectives led GenesisCare to look for a new solution? How did these challenges manifest themselves into pain points/issues?
We’d experienced two major outages with our SharePoint 2010 environment which significantly impacted our clinical staff accessing their rosters and procedures. The business had lost faith in the stability of the platform and began saving information on file servers or their local desktop. The site had increasingly become difficult to navigate and there was no standardised look and feel. Searching the site was near impossible. SharePoint 2010 was not fit for purpose – we’re a growing global organisation and we need to be able to collaborate effectively.

What difference has this made for GenesisCare staff?
Increased collaboration – greater adoption of the wider Office 365 suite since launch. The personalisation has allowed people to get quicker access to the personal applications. Quicker and smarter access to corporate policies and procedures. A solution which has helped us build modern intranet which fits neatly into SharePoint Online. Custom resalable react web parts which provide us with the ability to display information in multiple ways.

What did you go looking for and what was the process and the reasons for choosing FiveP for this project?
We met with many of the key SharePoint & Office 365 vendors in Australia. We found that most offered reasonable products, however we were looking for someone who would push the boundaries of SharePoint Online and Office 365. The key factors were FiveP’s enthusiasm, technical approach and O365 maturity journey which aligned strongly with our internal values at GenesisCare.

What were the most challenging aspects of the project and how did FiveP help?

  • Getting the users on board – we kicked off the project with two intense days of user experience workshops. This helped us build a core group of champions and identify our high-level needs early.
  • Building a solution which encapsulated our brand. The FiveP team worked hard to help implement our brand into SharePoint Online in the way which is supported by Microsoft.

What were your time frame expectations for this project and how did FiveP help meet them?
We needed the intranet quickly – FiveP used the Mo.S.Co.W. method – this project management technique is about setting requirements by order of priority – to prioritise our requirements with our champions group. This helped us deliver the intranet in manageable stages.

What are the benefits that you are experiencing?

  • Improved access to clinical tools
  • Faster clinical interaction
  • Increased trust in information
  • Improved staff communication
  • Increased collaboration

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