How to insert the SharePoint version number in a Word document

admin November 28th, 2013

insert the SharePoint version number in a Word document

Hey! Thanks for dropping by. Have you been asked to insert the SharePoint version number in a Word document and don’t know how to do it? You know that this document will not exist solely in SharePoint. You might need to print it, email it, etc. Therefore, all you want to have is the document version printed on the document somewhere.

Here is the solution

You can use the Quick Parts button to inject document properties, including some SharePoint columns. Please bear in mind that columns that are managed by the system such as calculated columns and Version are not available. To resolve this, you can use Information Management Policies. One feature that will help us is the Label feature. By enabling a Label, we can expose a string of text as a document property. This particular string of text can include the version number. To read more, please visit codebycody‘s article here .

The steps

  1. Enable versioning and content types on your document library
  2. Go into document library settings and select the content types you want the version to appear in
  3. Select Information management policies settings from the content type menu
  4. Select define a policy and click
  5. Click on the ‘Enable Label’ Check box
  6. Do not Check the other two boxes in the Labels section
  7. In the Label Format field, enter the metadata fields in the following format:
    Version : {Version} \n
  8. Set the label appearance and click on preview
  9. Click at the bottom of the page
  10. Go back to the library and create a new document using the content type you have modified
  11. Save the file as a Word 2007 format
  12. Select the Insert tab
  13. Choose Quick Parts from the Ribbon menu and hover over document property
  14. Select Label from the properties list
  15. This should display the metadata defined in your label as a field in your word document. The field will update automatically when you next open the document
  16. Save

Hope this helps!

Thank you



Patrick Lee | Technical Consultant | FiveP

About the author: Patrick is passionate, professional, efficient, hardworking and humble. As a Microsoft certified IT Professional of SharePoint, he helps people to get enterprise technologies in order to improve their business processes.

Comments (2)

  • Sandy says:

    Hi I have successfully added the version number in a word document. But I hit an issue when enabling the Track changes on. The version number increments so on the Word documents it shows for e.g Version 5.1(crossed out) 5.2.
    I now want to accept the change but it gives an error
    “Some changes could not be accepted/rejected because they are contained in controls which are locked for editing”
    The only way it would accept the change was to Remove content control. However once the control is removed, the version number becomes a normal text. How do we get around this. It is as if we need to tell the system to selectively disable track changes to Content control but enable changes in all other parts of the documents.

  • Patrick says:

    Hi Sandy and thanks for contacting us!
    I’ve got a solution for you:
    It looks to me WORD Track Changes setting does not work well with Label quick part change. There is a way you can exclude quick part from Trace Changes. If you right-click on Label quick part area, then you can see Track Changes icon is selected. If you want to disable it on the quick part, try deselect it. It probably works. It usually works but try this if it is not working. Deleting and re-inserting the label quick part and disable Track Changes setting from the ribbon after selecting the quick part area.
    Thank you,
    Patrick L.

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